Stables wrangler

Wrangler/Ranch Hand

Wranglers/Ranch Hands – Positions Available

Equines are an essential part of recreation at R-Ranch, and the Wrangler Team is critical to the animals’ welfare, and the members’ safety and enjoyment.

Each day, wranglers feed, water, and attend to any medical needs of the Ranch-owned herd and any boarder equines on property. Then they tack up horses that have been assigned to rides for the day, and begin leading trail rides!

Trail rides are walk-only, offered for riders from beginners-experienced, and are each approximately one hour long.

Wranglers also manage trail maintenance, paddock, pasture, and fence maintenance, and help with various projects around the ranch, as necessary.

Wrangler Requirements:

• At least 21 years old.

• First-Aid and CPR certification

• Able to drive

• Must be able to walk more than one horse at a time.

• Must be able to ride a horse even when “it doesn’t want to go.”

• Ability to tack a horse in western tack without help

• Ambitious, hardworking, with a positive attitude and strong work ethic

• Familiar with riding in rough terrain, have a good sense of direction, and experience with novice riders.

• 2 Years experience handling and riding horses

• 1 Year experience in customer service positions.

• Able to lift 80 pounds

Wrangler Responsibilities Include:

• Guide guests on trail rides, arena rides and aid in gymkhana events.

• Give guests instruction in basic horsemanship and horse care.

• Interact with guests to make each ride safe, educational, and fun.

• Daily feeding of and caring for horses.

• Memorize the name, look, and attitude of 50 horses.

• Match horses to guests to fit their skill level, experience, and size.

• Perform tack maintenance as necessary ensuring all is safe and in good working order.

• Maintaining facilities, corrals, arena, trails, grounds.

• Maintaining and alerting supervisor when vehicles and ranch equipment are broken.

• Caring for and identifying sick/injured animals

Benefits include:

• Hourly wages, paid twice a month

• RV/Camper or Live-In Trailer hookup

• Wifi

• Use of campsite amenities including horses, swimming pool, hiking trails, etc. with preference to paying members