R-Ranch Edition, did you know?

Did you know…………

  1. You must be 15 to drive a golf cart on the ranch?
  2. Dogs are not allowed in any cabins except designated dog cabins.
  3. All reservations should be made at least 24hrs in advance for Cabins, RV stays, Day passes, Trail and Arena rides?
  4. Members are only allowed 6 guests per share and only 4 on a holiday.
  5. Pool closes for the season on October 16th this year.
  6. Store and office hours will go back to 9am-5pm starting in mid-September
  7. We have a haunted house every Halloween.
  8. If you have guests on property, you must be on property with your guests at all times?
  9. If you own a golf cart it must be registered with the office?
  10. You and your guests must wear your wristbands at all times while on property
  11. For safety reasons you should not go out in the pasture with the ranch horses?
  12. Nellie’s Country store sells Guinness Nitro Cold Brew? It is yummy!
  13. We have bocce ball court and you can get the balls in the store?
  14. The campground committee planted many trees this year.
  15. You must be 15 to go to the pool without an adult
  16. We have an amazon wish list? you can find it here
  17. Dilly Dally the clown will be here for carnival October 15th
  18. 3rd annual red neck olimpiks will be Sept 17th
  19. If you are going on a trail ride you need to arrive 15 minutes early
  20. Did you know that horses sleep standing up
  21. R-Ranch Cabin committee paid to have 2 pergolas built ! One by cabin 1A and one by the dog cabins!
  22. Four Barrel will be playing here Labor Day Weekend! 

There you have it, do you have any “did you knows” that you feel are important to pass on? Email your thoughts to donna@rranch.info

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