Presidents Day Weekend 2023

Weekend re-cap from R-Ranch at the Lake

R-Ranch At The Lake

Hi everyone! It was such a great Presidents Day Weekend at the ranch! The weather was perfect during the day and a little chilly at night, ok a lot chilly. Many families grabbed the Nature scavenger hunt from the store or office, many “littles” were reported to be running around the campground looking for nature items. Saturday night we got to dance the night away with D.J. Charles. Sunday and Monday were absolute beautiful days! At one point Sunday there must of been 15 kids playing in the creek! The kids owned this ranch this weekend just out enjoying nature! There were groups of older kids playing basketball and volley ball! It was still quiet enough that you could hear the giggles and screams of kids running around and playing! R-Ranch at the lake was a happy place this weekend!

Kissie the Bear had a very adventurous weekend ! He went from the store to a tree by the creek to the lodge firepit and also to the firetruck then bathhouse 5 and several other places ! He was busy! Look for the reel on Facebook and Instagram to see the happy kids who got to find and hide him! Kissie will only be here until February 28th so I hope you will look for him if you are at the ranch.

Now for the not so happy stuff! We received reports of possibly underage drivers in golf carts and crazy driving by others. We know things get a little more relaxed in the winter since we are not as busy please follow the speed limit and age requirements and be respectful of others. Spring break is right around the corner and we will gradually get busier and busier here. For everyone’s safety please follow the rules: Speed limit 10 mph and 15 with a learners permit or drivers license to drive a cart.

We only have one Housekeeper at the moment, please be respectful of her and her time. Give her time to clean a bathhouse when she is there. Please wait or go to another bath house if she is cleaning. Making sure your cabin is clean when you leave. If you are cooking in the lodge kitchen please clean up after yourself and do all your dishes! If you use the Blackstone make sure you empty and clean the grease tray on it.

Keep a watch out for St Patrick’s Day weekend info and Spring Break is right around the corner! Please make sure you are signed up for Constant Contact email blasts as well . If you are not please text 22828 and follow the prompts to keep up to date for info. Also please follow us at R-Ranch at the lake official page at Facebook and or @rranchnapa for Instagram!

See ya soon

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