Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off summer Memorial Day Weekend! I am just now getting around to updating ya’ll on the fun we all had!! Most activities were small and self guided but it worked out well! The biggest activity was the “Mini Golf Makeover and tournament. Owners refurbished all 18 mini golf holes with their own supplies and tools and time! The results were amazing! If you have not played a round of mini golf you must go check it out! Please everyone play nice , remember to supervise your children, lets try to keep it as nice as we can for as long as we can!!

The Tournament winners were

1st place Salami 46pts

2nd place Moni 47 pts

3rd place Steve Barr & Jonathon Sanger 48 pts

4th place Ryder 51 pts

The Mini Golf Makeover Winners

1st place # 5 the 49ers

2nd place # 10 the Tiki Hut

3rd place # 3 The Golden Gate Bridge

Once again a big Thank You to everyone who took the time to make the mini golf great!!

Four Barrel entertained us Saturday night and as usual they did not disappoint .

We had a 50/50 raffle to help raise money for the resurfacing of the mini golf course. The winners Melanie & Ben won $430.00 ! They graciously donated there winnings back to activites ! So we raised $820.00 from the 50/50 raffle and with the money earned from the spaghetti dinner we are at a grand total of $1370.00 raised . Our goal is $3,000. What other kinds of fundraisers should we do?

Sunday we had 2 creative children participate in the build a pool noodle float contest. Cheers to them!

Sprocket had a pretty busy week ! He was found in some pretty good hiding spots!

Of course the pool was the highlight for most ! The pool was packed all weekend. I know activities have been small this year . I would like to give a shout out to all the adults I saw entertaining ranch kids with water balloon play, whiffle ball fun and even baseball in the campgrounds!! It was awesome to see.

All in All it was a fun weekend. Really the only issues were golf carts! PLEASE,PLEASE remember to slow down. Speed limit is 10 miles per hour. I know golf carts don’t have speedometers and you may not think you are going so fast but many of you are! Cars and RV’s as well please for the safety of everyone on the ranch slow down!

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