Manager’s Update

Winter 2022:

Tree management begins this month, dead and dying trees around the ranch that endanger RVs and Cabins are being trimmed/removed.

Now is a great time to visit the Ranch! Winter can be quite but there is fun to be had in the Lodge. Check our blog for upcoming activities. If you are a current owner and wish to visit, please call 707.252.0140 between 9a-5pm to make a reservation or use the convenient online reservation form.

Office hours are 9a-5pm daily, check Nellie’s Store hours for Winter schedule. The pool is closed for the season. Seasonally, the pool is open mid-May through mid-October depending on weather.

Occasionally, due to downed trees or weather/mud, horse trails may need to be cleared of debris. Wranglers will take you on the best and safest possible trails.

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