Let’s talk about mice!

I will start with some random mice facts! Did you know that mice can produce up to 75 droppings a day? They can fit in a hole the size of a pencil and they don’t care for cheese. Mice eat 15 to 20 times a day and they have supersonic hearing.

Kind of cute as long as they are not in your RV or house. Since the weather is rainy and cold this is the perfect time for a mouse to come looking for a dry warm home. Prevention is the key, keep them out once they get in you have a war on your hands! There is no new tricks to prevent mice, however if you are consistent and diligent you have a chance.

  • camper maintenance , seal every hole or entry way possible. look under the camper on top any possible hole the size of a pencil or bigger. use spray foam and wire mesh.
  • keep camper clean . all food kept in plastic containers or in fridge. do not leave any food out on counters for long period. when leaving rig remove all food .
  • leave cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil in basement compartments , closets & cabinets when you pack up to go home. This will not help you get rid of mice however it might help stop them from coming in!

Bottom line if you don’t have any rodents now and they don’t smell food and can’t find a entry point they will move on and not bother your rig. Once they do get in however and find a warm comfy spot with food they are not gonna vacate the premises very easy. What are your options once they make entry into your camper?

  • Clean your camper from top to bottom!
  • Get rid of or pack away in bins all food and nesting material ( blankets, towels, paper towels & toilet paper!
  • Traps
  • poison

First get the whole camper cleaned up especially before you leave. Pack away anything a mouse might eat or use to make a nest. Then get some traps. Traps can be tricky for our campers since you are not here daily. Trap options :

Live traps, a trap to catch a mouse without killing it and allowing you to release it . It is recommended that you release it a few miles from where you caught it ! If you release it right in your yard it is coming back to your nice warm home.

Next up, snap traps & glue traps! Snap traps can be very effective, if you have no issues getting rid of dead mice.

While I am not a fan of these options sometimes you might have no choice! For those creative handy types you can build your own traps like these.

Hopefully you don’t have to use any of these methods and prevention is enough for you !

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