How do you set up your Cabin Camping Kitchen?

We know when we are tent or cabin camping it takes alot of work packing and getting everything together for a weekend! Then when you get there you have to unpack and set up a kitchen. You will almost always forget something that you might need! If you camp frequently you should have a tote or two ready to go with essentials for your kitchen as well as a pantry. Better yet get yourself a storage locker at the ranch and then you can leave several totes right here ready for you arrival!

Camp Kitchen Essentials

  1. Butane single burner
  2. Propane camp stove
  3. Propane table top grill
  4. Camp fuels & lighters
  5. Set of camping skillets & pots
  6. Cooking utensils

You can get a free print out of a essentials camp kitchen list here

The storage lockers are located in the same building as the teen center. The lockers are 2x2x4 ,that sounds small but if you are a good packer you can store a lot in there. You could store your kitchen tote, maybe a small grill , chairs, a tent and so much more! Please only store the mini propane bottles & or butane and no food other than can goods!

A storage locker is only $50.00, $25.00 of that is returned when you turn in your key! Stop by the office to rent your own storage locker. It will make heading up to the ranch a lot easier !

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