Help “unlock” the Magic of R-Ranch at the Lake

Many people say they love R-Ranch at the lake. I am here to ask what is it that you love? Is it the
friendships, or is it the time to relax in nature away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day
life. Maybe it is the fact that your children can play in a “free range kid zone” to allow children
the freedom to roam in a safe environment meant to foster exploration and adoration of the
ranch’s natural beauty. There are so many reasons to love this ranch and I want to hear yours!

What is your absolute best memory from your time at R-Ranch at the lake? Not Napa Valley
Ranch Club but R-Ranch at the lake.

I am asking you to share these memories and likes with me so I can use them in our social media
posts. This is one small way I can help with the marketing of the ranch. Since I have been
working full time on the social media our Facebook page has grown. In the last 90 days our
Facebook reach, meaning the no. of Facebook accounts that saw at least one post was 15.4K.
Engagement with a post was 2.3K!
We have 4,840 followers on Facebook right now. We have also gained 30 new Facebook
followers. While the process can be time consuming posting everyday is worth it! This growth is
all organic however if we start to think about posting ads I think we could grow even more and
find more people interested in R-Ranch at the lake and that is the goal right now!

5 reasons why you should share a social media post

  1. Sharing social media posts helps to spread important information to a broad audience.
  2. Posting content can help to increase your online visibility and reach potential customers.
  3. It can help to build a supportive community around your brand.
  4. Sharing content can help to generate leads and drive website traffic.
  5. It can help to build relationships with other businesses and industry influencers.

How else can you help , maybe you are not on social media but would still like to help.

1. Word of mouth is a good starting point. Tell anyone who will listen about the ranch.
2.Do you own a business or store front? Maybe you work in a office with a bulletin board or a
public board as well. If so, stop in the office and ask for some brochures to pass out.
3.Like, Comment and share our posts. It really does help
4.Consider sharing some of your favorite photos & videos from your time at the ranch. You can
tag us @rranchnapa or you can feel free to email me anything you would like to share to

I hope everyone takes a minute to comment their favorite times at the ranch and helps to spread
the word!

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