If you’ve played mini golf at the Ranch recently, you know it’s in need of repair. It’s been several years since its last redevelopment, and sadly it has deteriorated. 

We are asking for your help and while doing so hope to add a bit of fun. We would like to challenge our ranch members to a makeover competition. Any owner, family, group or committee can pick one mini golf hole and rebuild it in a theme of their choice.

You must provide all the materials, design, build, and install your hole between December 1st and Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend we will hold a mini golf tournament. The top 3 winners will choose their top 3 favorite mini golf holes. The makeover winners will have a plaque placed on their winning holes.

You can enter R-Ranch at the Lake Mini Golf Makeover Competition by going to sign-up genius or emailing donna@rranch.info

Again to sign up click here…..https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B054AA8A929A6FF2-mini

Email donna@rranch.info

R-Ranch Edition, did you know?

Did you know…………

  1. You must be 15 to drive a golf cart on the ranch?
  2. Dogs are not allowed in any cabins except designated dog cabins.
  3. All reservations should be made at least 24hrs in advance for Cabins, RV stays, Day passes, Trail and Arena rides?
  4. Members are only allowed 6 guests per share and only 4 on a holiday.
  5. Pool closes for the season on October 16th this year.
  6. Store and office hours will go back to 9am-5pm starting in mid-September
  7. We have a haunted house every Halloween.
  8. If you have guests on property, you must be on property with your guests at all times?
  9. If you own a golf cart it must be registered with the office?
  10. You and your guests must wear your wristbands at all times while on property
  11. For safety reasons you should not go out in the pasture with the ranch horses?
  12. Nellie’s Country store sells Guinness Nitro Cold Brew? It is yummy!
  13. We have bocce ball court and you can get the balls in the store?
  14. The campground committee planted many trees this year.
  15. You must be 15 to go to the pool without an adult
  16. We have an amazon wish list? you can find it here
  17. Dilly Dally the clown will be here for carnival October 15th
  18. 3rd annual red neck olimpiks will be Sept 17th
  19. If you are going on a trail ride you need to arrive 15 minutes early
  20. Did you know that horses sleep standing up
  21. R-Ranch Cabin committee paid to have 2 pergolas built ! One by cabin 1A and one by the dog cabins!
  22. Four Barrel will be playing here Labor Day Weekend! 

There you have it, do you have any “did you knows” that you feel are important to pass on? Email your thoughts to donna@rranch.info

R-Ranch RC Track

Did you know we now have a RC Track at the ranch? It is true, thanks to Randy Cohn & Dan Frost for the donations and time building it! You may have noticed it across from the playground. If you have a RC Car, feel free to bring it with you to the ranch and use the track. Please note no gas cars or trucks are permitted at this time.

If you don’t have a RC car you may ask, what is it? Radio-controlled cars (or RC cars for short) are miniature model carsvansbusestrucks or buggies that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote. The term “RC” has been used to mean both “remote controlled” and “radio controlled”, where “remote controlled” includes vehicles that are controlled by radio waves, infrared waves or a physical wire connection (the latter is now obsolete). Common use of “RC” today usually refers only to vehicles controlled by radio. There are several different types of RC Cars, you have toy grade, hobby grades which you can get ready to run or buy a kit and build it yourself!

Sound like fun? Are you interested in having your own RC Car? Click the link to check out the best cars for beginners Best RC Cars For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide [2022] as well as a video to watch!

If you already have a car, we would like to invite you out August 13th for some racing fun! We will have a parent vs child race at 10 am, followed by an open race for all at 10:30. Fun for all, children as well as adults, if all goes well maybe we can do this monthly! Hope to see you at the track!

How do you set up your Cabin Camping Kitchen?

We know when we are tent or cabin camping it takes alot of work packing and getting everything together for a weekend! Then when you get there you have to unpack and set up a kitchen. You will almost always forget something that you might need! If you camp frequently you should have a tote or two ready to go with essentials for your kitchen as well as a pantry. Better yet get yourself a storage locker at the ranch and then you can leave several totes right here ready for you arrival!

Camp Kitchen Essentials

  1. Butane single burner
  2. Propane camp stove
  3. Propane table top grill
  4. Camp fuels & lighters
  5. Set of camping skillets & pots
  6. Cooking utensils

You can get a free print out of a essentials camp kitchen list here https://thewalkingmermaid.com/blog/camp-kitchen-essentials-organization

The storage lockers are located in the same building as the teen center. The lockers are 2x2x4 ,that sounds small but if you are a good packer you can store a lot in there. You could store your kitchen tote, maybe a small grill , chairs, a tent and so much more! Please only store the mini propane bottles & or butane and no food other than can goods!

A storage locker is only $50.00, $25.00 of that is returned when you turn in your key! Stop by the office to rent your own storage locker. It will make heading up to the ranch a lot easier !

Stables Updates

What’s new happening at the stables? I am glad you asked!! Friday June 17th is the first Open Invitation Rodeo! Open Invitation means anyone can join! Khloe says if you can stop and turn your horse you can rodeo! Ages 7 and up welcome to sign up, but you have to hurry! The deadline is tomorrow June 15th. Call the ranch office at 707-252-0140 before 5 pm to sign up! And if you are not signed up for the rodeo be sure to head down to the arena and cheer them on!!

In other stables news, have you met Captain Yet ? Captain is a 13 yr old 17Hh Percheron Gelding. He is the sweetest biggest horse I have ever met! He loves carrots and attention! He will give you a great big smile if you can find his happy scratching spot on his neck! Captain use to be a cart horse, now he is training to be a trail horse! He should be ready to hit the trails in the next few weeks! Next time you are at the stables be sure to say hello to Captain and give him a little love! Better yet check out our Amazon wish list here and send him some treats!!


Summer Stables Ride Times are as follows

Trail rides – 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30 and 1pm 

Arena rides – 10am and 12pm

Trail card rides – any time between 8am and 2:30pm no reservations needed. 

The max # of people on rides is 8

The max # of people on arena rides is 4 People should arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes before their ride time. Rides LEAVE at the scheduled time.

Upcoming Stables Activities ! Mark your calendars, make your reservations the first Painted Sky Ride will be Saturday June 25th , 7:30 to 8:30! Follow a experienced guide on a evening horseback ride, while watching the sky change colors over the mountains! Beginner friendly ,ages 7+ $10.00 pp. Call the Ranch office to book a reservation. Please be sure to arrive at least 15 min before departure time!

That is all for now! See ya at the Ranch!

Cabin Camping ? How to stay cool this summer !

It is warming up, summer heat is here! Have you or do you want to book a cabin sometime this summer? Are you worried about the heat? Well the days will be hot, but the nights are usually very comfortable!

If you are staying in an A cabin You could bring a fan or two to keep air moving in your cabin. If you are in a electric cabin you can also bring fans but you will also need at least a 25ft extension cord to reach the electric pole outside. Any other Cabin will not have electricity. But no worries you still have some options! You can choose to bring a battery operated fan, while not ideal they will help to keep the air moving . Here are some good options for battery operated or USB rechargeable fans. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B3WPPYN?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_SHHVGC8HRMY0H3NHZ13S

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09W4K4PQ5?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_HPFBXA2H58ZNVR7VZWA7 There are several different ceiling type fans you can get that are USB chargeable as well!

Another important factor to staying cool is shade. You can get significant relief by getting to shade! If your cabin doesn’t have good shade try putting up a shade structure or screen tent!

For power options battery banks and portable power stations like these make really good options! You do have options and for the best comfort you just need to do a little planning and research to find what works best for you!

And if all else fails there is always the pool or the lake !

See ya at the Ranch!!!!

A Summer To Remember, 2022 Something For Everyone!

While the official 1st. day of summer is June 21st, here at R-Ranch at the Lake summer starts May 21st this year. The official opening of the pool with memorial day weekend following right behind. May 21st was a beautiful day here and by 10 am the pool was filling up . The sounds of squeals and screams of joy got louder as the day went on! It was wonderful to watch everyone meet up again after a long winter! As much as we like the peacefulness of the winter I get excited to see people here, making more memories!

This was just the icebreaker for Memorial Day weekend! We sure do look forward to seeing all our ranch friends soon! Save the date ……….

  • Family Field Day June 4th
  • Texas Hold’em Tournament June 11th
  • Escape Room June 11th
  • Wild West Weekend June 17 -19th
  • Chopped Competition June 25th

Happy New year!

I miss the music in the park, the kids laughing and screaming and getting into trouble, Saturday night bingo, movie nights, casino nights, carnivals, rodeos, duck races, golf carts going all night, dancing, and the fun times the Ranch is used to having.  I also miss everyone’s face!

It was a mess of a year, but hopefully by summer 2021 will be looking brighter!

I hope you all had a great holiday season, and we look forward to a better year!

Between the Fires and the COVID-19 closures it has been a very strange year to say the least.  Hopefully (as we are in our second stretch of overnight camping closure) we will be putting COVID-19 behind us this upcoming summer and we can get back to the fun at the Ranch. 

This past year the Ranch survived one of the largest wildfires in California history.   After 1 full day of evacuation and 3 incredibly stressful days with the Fires surrounding the Ranch, we were untouched.  R-Ranch was the only stretch of property off Hwy 128 in the Capell Valley that did not burn.  Our 1968 water truck did the trick!  It helped assist in saving of several homes on hwy 128 keeping the fire at bay from crossing over onto R-Ranch property.  After power restoration and cleanup, we were allowed back on property after a 21-day evacuation.  Thank you to ALL who aided in the evacuation process, at the stables, and everywhere else you helped along the way.

During this strange year we had to restructure our staffing due to the budget adjustments caused by COVID-19, so we are running with a skeleton crew this winter and plan to run extremely low on staff going into next summer as well.  We have also trimmed down our maintenance budget so we are trying to work on projects that we can achieve with a small staff and small budget.

During this closure period it has given us a great opportunity to get a lot of leaf removal and tree work done in the campground.  We have cut down and trimmed several trees in several sites.  As folks pull off, we will continue to block out the sites and get the trees trimmed.  If the sites have caution tape on them, please choose a different site.

This is the first time the leaves in the upper section have been completely removed to my knowledge.  After dozens of trailers loads Maryann and Jim removed all the leaves in the upper loop!  What a job that has been.  With the lack of people, it has given us a great opportunity to get in there and get them out!  

We were also able to get a lot of debris burnt during this down time.  With the lack of people, we were able to burn in place saving a lot of labor and tractor time.  We had a good fire in the meadow, one in the loop, one in the cabin area, one in the triangle, and another at the main wood pile.  Nearly our entire wood pile is gone!  (Pics) Several more fires to go still but we are getting it cleaned up!

We have also been working diligently on getting generators installed at the pool and the office for PG&e’s future Planned Power Outages.  This way the power goes down and we do not have to!  (pics). Both generators should be completed by the end of this month.

The Ranch Barn received a quick facelift on one end to clear out some dry rot and replace the rotted doors. 

One of our other projects on our list is the overhang behind the owner barn.  The structure itself was failing and it is rotted and in dire need of repair.  We are currently making the necessary repairs and I believe when it is completed the horse owners will be happy with it.  Currently Underway!  I am also hoping down the road we can get some horse owner volunteers or any volunteers to help with a brick patio adjacent to the overhang once its completed.  It would make a nice area for BBQ’s or a fun hang out spot.

Paint, paint, paint- we are also working on painting when and where we can in-between storms.  This is something on-going year after year, and month after month.  Currently giving the pool chemical room (down below) a good painting and new lattice screens along with a paint job on the benches around the fire pit and the wall.

Pool- Another interesting project that we have taken on this winter is the pool.  Since I have been here the pool has leaked.  I have been investigating the leak for years and I think we have found it. The pool has a tank on the pool deck that holds the water from the skimmers and sends water to the main pump.  The top of this tank had a crack all the around the concrete inside.  Every time we fill the pool past a certain point it leaks. 

The crack in the tank is repaired, the entire tank has been coated and now we fill it back up and see if it worked!  Fingers crossed.

Hay Truck- Herb got the hay truck going again.  The old 1972 Ford received a new floorboard, new breaks, transmission repair, windshield wipers, headlights, bed rack, steps, and a heater.  She is ready to go!

Moving forward once the projects on this list are caught up will be another large water repair.  Last winter we started at the tanks and worked our way down towards the 1-5 “A” cabins.  This winter we would like to continue and head towards the playground and possibly back up the road from cabins 1-24.  We have a few more weeks of project finalizing and then we will move forward on to the water system.

Hopefully, we can all continue to use precautions and we can get this virus under control so we can begin to use and enjoy R-Ranch to its fullest!

Cheers to 2021,

Brad A. Miracle

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