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Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off summer Memorial Day Weekend! I am just now getting around to updating ya’ll on the fun we all had!! Most activities were small and self guided but it worked out well! The biggest activity was the “Mini Golf Makeover and tournament.… Continue Reading “Memorial Day Weekend”

Busy Season Reminders…

It’s almost summer! Memorial Day Weekend is only about 2 1/2 weeks away. The first big weekend of the summer season! With that being said there are some things we all need to remember when we are at the ranch! 1st thing is please… Continue Reading “Busy Season Reminders…”

Help “unlock” the Magic of R-Ranch at the Lake

Many people say they love R-Ranch at the lake. I am here to ask what is it that you love? Is it thefriendships, or is it the time to relax in nature away from the hustle and bustle of your day to daylife. Maybe… Continue Reading “Help “unlock” the Magic of R-Ranch at the Lake”

Let’s talk about mice!

Lets talk about mice , how to prevent them and how to deal with them if they are living in your camper.

If you’ve played mini golf at the Ranch recently, you know it’s in need of repair. It’s been several years since its last redevelopment, and sadly it has deteriorated.  We are asking for your help and while doing so hope to add a bit… Continue Reading “”

R-Ranch Edition, did you know?

Did you know………… You must be 15 to drive a golf cart on the ranch? Dogs are not allowed in any cabins except designated dog cabins. All reservations should be made at least 24hrs in advance for Cabins, RV stays, Day passes, Trail and… Continue Reading “R-Ranch Edition, did you know?”

R-Ranch RC Track

Did you know we now have a RC Track at the ranch? It is true, thanks to Randy Cohn & Dan Frost for the donations and time building it! You may have noticed it across from the playground. If you have a RC Car,… Continue Reading “R-Ranch RC Track”

How do you set up your Cabin Camping Kitchen?

We know when we are tent or cabin camping it takes alot of work packing and getting everything together for a weekend! Then when you get there you have to unpack and set up a kitchen. You will almost always forget something that you… Continue Reading “How do you set up your Cabin Camping Kitchen?”

Stables Updates

What’s new happening at the stables? I am glad you asked!! Friday June 17th is the first Open Invitation Rodeo! Open Invitation means anyone can join! Khloe says if you can stop and turn your horse you can rodeo! Ages 7 and up welcome… Continue Reading “Stables Updates”

Cabin Camping ? How to stay cool this summer !

It is warming up, summer heat is here! Have you or do you want to book a cabin sometime this summer? Are you worried about the heat? Well the days will be hot, but the nights are usually very comfortable! If you are staying… Continue Reading “Cabin Camping ? How to stay cool this summer !”