Cabin Camping ? How to stay cool this summer !

It is warming up, summer heat is here! Have you or do you want to book a cabin sometime this summer? Are you worried about the heat? Well the days will be hot, but the nights are usually very comfortable!

If you are staying in an A cabin You could bring a fan or two to keep air moving in your cabin. If you are in a electric cabin you can also bring fans but you will also need at least a 25ft extension cord to reach the electric pole outside. Any other Cabin will not have electricity. But no worries you still have some options! You can choose to bring a battery operated fan, while not ideal they will help to keep the air moving . Here are some good options for battery operated or USB rechargeable fans. There are several different ceiling type fans you can get that are USB chargeable as well!

Another important factor to staying cool is shade. You can get significant relief by getting to shade! If your cabin doesn’t have good shade try putting up a shade structure or screen tent!

For power options battery banks and portable power stations like these make really good options! You do have options and for the best comfort you just need to do a little planning and research to find what works best for you!

And if all else fails there is always the pool or the lake !

See ya at the Ranch!!!!

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